Thanks Everybody!


We want to express our heartfelt thanks to all those who participated on February 22 in celebration of our 15th anniversary: our employees first and foremost, but also the entire community of Pergine Valsugana… so many of you were there! Our special thanks go to Galleria Contempo that will continue through the next 12 months to feature the works of the sculpture project that is truly “one of a kind”, as the l’Adige newspaper write in its article about us.

It was a delightful evening and repaid us well for the days of intense preparation that preceded. We know we can count on your support in the near future as well.

Goodbye! The Metal Working Team

“…with the effort of every single day, with the synergy of hand and mind working together, with the investment of the utmost every person can give, the most ambitious goals can be attained. It is not just about products but also art, sublimation. Every goal is one more milestone and this symbolic boat can take us far, toward the horizons we dream of, toward a new Ithaca.”

Have a good journey, Metal Working!
(D.E., a member of our team)