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Metal structures for elevators - Metal Working
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Metal structures
for lifts


Our Elevators division designs and manufactures metal structures for vertical transport: elevators, lifting platforms, freight elevators and car-mounts: customizable and modular products of excellence, available in different geometric shapes.

In addition to the products in our catalog, we design and produce custom solutions that can meet any technical and aesthetic request, with coordinated finishes based on design.

We can satisfy every need, from the simplest installations to the most complex ones, with great design flexibility thanks to an innovative 3D system and the experience of highly specialized technicians.

This design and construction versatility allows us to propose optimal solutions even in small spaces and with special conditions, creating additional structures such as canopies, tunnels and connecting walkways that are perfectly integrated with the architectural style of the building.

Our structures, made with top quality steel, are the result of a production process governed by rigorous operating procedures that minimize the possibility of errors.

We take care of every phase of the project from design to assembly, and we offer our customers an efficient assistance service before and after sales to meet every request and need with professionalism and competence.

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