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Mechanical and metal working company - Metal Working
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A 15-year History


Founded in 2008, in 15 years of activity Metal Working has established itself in the metal processing and mechanical equipment sector thanks to the quality of its products and to an efficient company structure that bases its principles on excellence and innovation.

The great professionalism of the founding members in their respective areas of expertise has immediately facilitated the rapid development of the company, which has managed to fully exploit its potential to achieve significant business goals.

The strategic investments made to land on foreign markets have led to a strong expansion of the commercial network, which has allowed Metal Working to distribute its products throughout Europe.

Continuously evolving
quality and technology


The constantly increasing amount of work has made it necessary to expand production facilities, reaching over 4.000 m² of covered area, where more than 1.000 tons of steel sheets are processed annually.

The continuous drive towards innovation of our company is also evidenced by the integration of systems and machinery 4.0 capable of improving efficiency, optimizing internal production processes, and maintaining full control over the quality of the finished product.

To keep up with the latest technology and procedures, the company systematically carries out training and refresher courses for technicians, designers and production personnel.

The great quality of Metal Working is demonstrated by the numerous certifications acquired both for the products and for the company, and by the patents obtained thanks to the projects developed by the Research and Development department.

Shared skills, unparalleled service


Metal Working offers an evolved personalized service that goes beyond the traditional supplier / customer relationship, combining the respective professional skills to establish real partnerships capable of responding immediately to the needs of the market.

Trentino, land of excellence and opportunities


Metal Working has benefited from a flourishing commercial growth also thanks to the land in which its roots are planted, a region where the resourcefulness is rewarded with the opportunity to stand out for its own merits.

In Trentino the variety of landscapes reflects a thousand popular weaves, historical testimonies and cultural identities.

The products of excellence of Trentino are to be discovered on itineraries traced by genuine tastes, ancient traditions, but also in modern and innovative entrepreneurship, able to realize great projects and technological products of recognized quality.



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