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Filters for the pharmaceutical industry: Unit Cylindrical/HSS -Metal Working
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The advantages
of the Cylindrical line


Cylindrical is a filtering unit used in the pharmaceutical, electronics, photographic and mechanical industries for the separation of fine and impalpable powders, and is commonly used for primary filtration in industrial processes, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. 

The HSS filtering version is widely used in the separation of potentially explosive powders in the pharmaceutical industry and is widely used as primary filtration in industrial processes with hybrid mixtures

Perfect for primary filtration, allows large capacity filtration and volume even at high pressures, and can be used in all industrial processing sectors.

This filtering unit allows to obtain high structural strengths to be exploited in the ATEX field. Furthermore, if they have to be applied in environments with degrading dusts, their geometrical shape leaves few points of adhesion for the particulates, a condition that also makes them very simple to clean.

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