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Linea F - Structures for small elevators - Metal Working
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Optimal versatility


Linea F offers a range of extremely versatile structures, thanks to an innovative construction system that allows obtaining optimal and highly competitive results.

These structures, available with or without cladding, are the perfect solution for all situations where a narrow lift shaft is needed, a recurring problem in many renovations and modernization of buildings.

F1 Minimal and clean proposal. Its profiles do not allow dimensional changes, can not be covered and is particularly suitable for internal systems. The perfect economical alternative.

F2 Structure of great personality, flexible and competitive construction. Characterized by uprights of traditional type and crosspieces with particular chamfer at 60° to increase efficiency.

F5 The technical features are the same as those of the F2 version, with the possibility of covering the profiles in different materials such as painted steel, mirror or decorated stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, etc.

F10 Evolution of the F line to increase the glass area and favor the panoramic effect, it’s available in different materials and is designed with external structure infill panels, shaped glass glazing bead and internal profiles cover on request.



All the fittings of the crystals are carried out from inside the compartment, excluding the F10 line. The lines F1, F2, F5 allows to obtain smooth internal walls, an ideal feature for the installation of lifting platforms.

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