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Polygonal Unit Industrial Dust Collector - Metal Working
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The advantages of the
Polygonal line


The most advantageous feature of the Polygonal line is its versatility: bag or cartridge filtration, large flow rates and filtering surfaces, perfect for a wide range of applications.

This filtering group is designed for sectors with high dust concentration: in the electronic and photographic industry it’s used for the separation of fine and impalpable powders, and it’s widely used as primary filtration in the food industry transformation processes and in the cutting procedures (oxyfuel, plasma cutting and laser cutting) and finishing operations in the mechanical industry.

The polygonal filtration unit are made with this shape to optimize the available spaces in the plant layouts. They are composed by press-folded panels joined together to form a single support group. This version is widely used for its adaptability and ease of use, as well as for its value for money. This unit is widely customizable according to the requests and needs of use.

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