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Elegant - Metal lift shaft structure - Metal Working
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Aesthetics and performance


The clean and linear design of the Elegant line is able to integrate in any environment, even the most hi-tech, thanks to structural profiles that can be covered with a wide choice of materials with an excellent aesthetic impact.

All coatings can be supplied in different alloys and finishes, to adapt perfectly to any architectural style.

Perfect for outdoor applications, the Elegant line is treated with anti-rain and anti-infiltration coatings to guarantee maximum durability and safety.



In the Elegant line the installation of the cover is performed from inside the compartment, and the crystals are positioned outside the crossbar, giving a pleasant and elegant perception of continuity of the wall.

During assembly, our panels do not require any screws, thanks to an efficient interlocking fastening system that allows maximum installation speed and guarantees thermal insulation and sound absorption.

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