inauguration 22|02|2023 at 6 p.m.

On 22 February 2023, Metal Working srl will celebrate its first 15 years of business! Looking back at the success achieved thus far, the whole team views its prospects for the near future with enthusiasm. To celebrate this important milestone in a special way, the company is collaborating with the Galleria Contempo in Pergine on a special program, rich in events, as part of the annual Metal Kunst 3 Contempo, focusing on metal sculpture.

metal kunst 3 | contempo | annual sculpture project
galleria contempo | acquario room | via maier 48 a | pergine valsugana [tn]

Metal Kunst 3 | Contempo is a collaborative project devoted to sculpture and intended to bring together Art and Business. On one side is the project of Metal Working | Metal Kunst 3, devoted to the artistic transformation of metals, and on the other is the Galleria Contempo, linked to the relationship between Memory, Space and Time. The two share the common goal of creating a new platform devoted to artistic creativity, through sculpture, installation and design in metal. Born of the desire to stimulate a cultural conversation, creating visibility and valorization of artistic work in metal, the metal kunst 3 | contempo | annual sculpture project presents a program rich in new works of art, with the organization of exhibitions, symposiums and artistic residences of important artists.

#1 | 22|02 – 22|04|23
paolo vivian | hybrid memory | curated by dora bulart

“In my works I try to materialize my intuitions and emotions through signs or symbols that express concepts. I believe that the collective memory is the bond that unites us and I would like to stimulate that mindset”.

Paolo Vivian