H2O Filter: An innovative water filtration project

An innovative water filtration system that reduces the overall dimensions and costs by exploiting the same principle of the largest model that we have in the catalog.

The group consists of a suction and settling chamber with a labyrinth sheet system partially immersed in the filtering liquid called turbulator, a droplet separator and an electric aspirator placed after the filtering station.

The filtering unit, using water as the main abatement medium, requires a continuous external supply. The filter can perform this function in total autonomy thanks to a completely automated new water intake system (also developed by Metal Working).

The only manual operation required is the emptying and cleaning of the satellite module to contain the pollutant, equipped with wheels and separable in a simple and convenient way from the main group.

Another advantage of the filtering unit is the inclusion inside the main body of the fan: this allows greater soundproofing with the possibility of adding, as an option, an expulsion labyrinth to further reduce noise emissions.

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