SOLAR ECO LIFT: photovoltaic powered elevator structure

When renewable energies find application in everyday life, they create something unique. That’s what happened when photovoltaic panels “dressed” the elevator structures SOLAR ECO LIFT.

The Elevators division of Metal Working created an innovative lift structure for elevators and lifting platforms with built-in photovoltaic system. This system combines efficiency and energy saving, being capable to produce renewable energy for the operation of the whole system, including the connected utilities (such as external lights or building consumption).

The main feature of this structure are the solar panels, available in two versions. Classic panels, with photovoltaic module in monocrystalline silicon, with higher energy yield. Or new generation ones, 50% transparent, for those who demand efficiency and great aesthetic.

Based on individual needs, it will be possible to choose between 2, 4, 8, 10 and more panels.

Why choose a SOLAR ECO LIFT ecological lift?

Because in addition to having features and peculiarities of our elevator structures lines Elegant, Discovery and Linea F, the SOLAR ECO LIFT is environmentally friendly, suitable for those looking for energy and economic savings, without compromising style and design.

The combination of key elements such as the positioning of panels on the structure (vertically / horizontally), the tax deductions, the possible connection to existing systems, bring great advantages: efficiency, safety, savings and independence.

PV modules have a considerable lifespan of up to 25 years. After that, they are fully recyclable and can usually be disposed as residual waste in the recycling center.

An advantage for you, for the environment and for the future of both!