The Corriere del Trentino of 6 February 2017 ( dedicates an entire page to our company, talking about the ambitious projects undertaken by Metal Working in the last year, in terms commercial expansion in foreign markets, acquisition of new machinery and dimensional growth, both in terms of production space and workforce. In fact, for many years our company has been investing to expand its market across the border, in fact we are present in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Scandinavia and recently our range has expanded to the United Kingdom and Russia, through missions commercial. In parallel, it was necessary to expand the production site, now 3400 m2 covered and the increase in personnel. But that’s not all, in fact our greatest investment is achieved with the purchase of new cutting-edge machinery with a combined laser cutting and punching center with automatic loading / unloading warehouse. An automatic paneling machine is added to guarantee a further high and constant quality of our product, reducing some processing times. Our increased production capacity will fully meet the demands of our customers allowing us the path to new markets.

Also the newspaper l’Adige ( in its issue of March 19, 2017 talks about us through an interview where Franca Borzaga briefly tells the story of Metal Working, from the year of foundation, passing for large projects carried out, such as the TAV work in Reggio Emilia or the airports of Milan / Malpensa and Marco Polo in Venice, up to the recent objectives achieved in terms of employment growth and turnover. Furthermore, a particular focus has been placed on foreign markets where we are present and on those we are starting to approach with the help of commercial and incoming missions of foreign buyers. This brief but incisive interview, from a clear overview of the path taken by the company management, in a perspective of continuous growth.

“Grow with the customer and always aim high!” … two fundamental guidelines that since 2008 are the leitmotiv of Metal Working.